Astrological Prediction For Bitcoin

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Astrological Prediction For Bitcoin – “I always knew I would be successful. It’s interesting that my own horoscope is completely focused on finance.

Is the price of the future written in the stars? Meet Maren Altman, a cryptocurrency trader who combines astrology and crypto day trading.

Astrological Prediction For Bitcoin

In 1973, Princeton University professor Burton Malkiel published his book A Random Walk on Wall Street, in which he argued that “a monkey with one eye in the financial section of a newspaper can pick an investment that performs the same way as a combination and a hand-picked expert.”

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Fast forward to 2013, and Rob Arnott, CEO of Research Affiliates, ran an artificial intelligence study that mimicked monkeys and found that monkeys outperformed experts and the stock market. More accurate tests that show success are the results of randomly selected companies using the “monkey method” to optimize their success. The crucial idea, however, is that not only machines, but also primates can be more successful than humans in stock picking.

Determining the future price of Bitcoin based on astrological potential can be just a small step. Unlike stocks, whose performance is determined by the performance of a company’s business and its industry, technical analysts’ predictions of Bitcoin’s price action are based on the study of charts and patterns – similar to astrologers.

So how do you use astrology to predict bitcoin price? Enter Maren Altman, who calls herself “the personal poet of the stars, especially on TikTok,” and has gained fame in recent years by using astrology to predict prices — but not without them. There will be no argument.

I’m always that weird girl who asks people their horoscope. In university, I earned pocket money by taking party photos. I have always been interested in astrology.

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Ultraman is a natural fit for running Bitcoin through the chart using the genesis block on a birthday – after all, anyone with a birth date can be associated with an astrological chart. Altman bought bitcoin back in 2017, but largely forgot about it until he became interested in it again in March 2020 while studying philosophy at NYU with other students — nothing compared to a pandemic where prices rise to spark interest.

“I grew up in astrology, which follows patterns and cycles. I’m also familiar with financial astrology, so it made sense to apply that to cryptocurrencies,” Altman said.

His first major call came in January 2021 when he discovered that the new moon in Capricorn on January 13th looked good for Bitcoin. He continued the decline in the forecast, followed by a bull run. His call was prescient, and bitcoin prices continued to double until April. To get around this, he predicts modest success from a new all-time high in May, while Bitcoin struggles with its first significant drop in 2021.

“It’s not enough to set the price, I have to be able to deliver,” he said. “And there are days when I make mistakes and lose money, but it’s not the government’s fault, it’s mine.

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He sees astrology as a giant mirror where certain signs of planetary alignments represent the growth of the world or even themes of global aggression or peace. By reading these patterns and adding them to what has already happened, he can map future movements or, in the case of cryptocurrencies, prices.

Altman admits that reading the charts can be difficult — there is a system of formulas, but there are also multiple cycles that can lead to errors. And he’s always ahead of the game.

He started seriously trading and posting on social media in the summer of 2020 and today he has over 1 million followers on TikTok and over 2 million followers across all social media.

I’m a small person. I’m young, female and mostly wear red. But I’m also serious, I’m not going to make a fool of myself, I’m going to live my life even with cryptocurrency. I think it just blew up in a perfect storm. Is he predicting the 6th of January or is he just reading the paper?

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It’s also because of his humor in calling Biden a presidential victory and January 6, 2021 a coup, even though great statesmen can be just as successful reading newspapers.

It has also produced numerous high-profile features in top publications such as The Washington Post, Reuters and The New Yorker, which often publish highly improbable predictions.

As for flipping NFTs, he once scrolled through his popular TikToks and explained that he flipped NFTs to pay a down payment on a condo in Dubai. This is very inspiring.

However, he hesitates to make money through his social network mainly because his income comes from his trading.

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“I’m reluctant to work with paid backers because all crypto clients hate people who make money on social media. It just doesn’t work,” he explained.

He has written several articles for crypto trader and market analyst Marti Greenspan on his Quantum Economics platform, but is not directly employed by him.

In other interviews, he mentioned his astrology academy, where he offers astrology training to paying clients. There are about 150 paying customers. He said he has 1,000 members in the community who pay $7 to $50 a month for his lessons.

At this point, I don’t know if he has much of a dislike. Yes, he has gotten to the point where he has to flee the country due to death threats.

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“New York was no longer safe for me, so I went to my friends in Dubai,” he said.

Altman is back in New York as we speak, but he points to a trolling campaign led by a 2021 Rolling Stone article calling him a white supremacist, racist, homophobe and transphobe, etc., worried because he accused him of plagiarism.

There is a lot to unpack in the series of tweets and articles written during this time. BIPOC astrologers in the same field, including AstroDim, said Altman initially commented that President Biden would die in office, but later repeated the same prediction.

In other social media posts, vegan Altman used provocative images and text to support her dietary choices. Again, it caused a backlash.

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The more important what you say, the more others will distort you and take you out of context. The most important thing is to remember that what you have to say is more important than the end. — MAREN (@marenaltman) January 7, 2022

In the same article, the BIPOC astrologer also highlighted that there is widespread prejudice against BIPOC personnel on social media platforms, especially TikTok.

In this 2021 Rolling Stone article, a BIPOC astrologer’s biggest complaint about Ultraman is that he gets more opinions when he talks about the same topics as them. This may refer more to America than to astrology.

Altman apologized in several videos for his comments and videos about gender fluidity, transgender people, and eating animals/meat before going offline during Mercury’s retrograde trip to Dubai.

Bitcoin Astrology Prediction

According to Altman, he was not directed by a cryptocurrency executive, but by a “mental madman” who came up with many claims.

It certainly attracted a lot of attention – for better or worse – and even had a Twitter account with an archive of its most famous tweets, claiming, among other things, that artificial insemination of cows was a form of sexual violence.

The promotion of organized eating and moral superiority continues unabated — Tweet by Maren Altman (@marenaltmantwe1) February 9, 2021

One thread: #astrotwitter 2 nights ago I was surprised to see Maren Altman tweet that she has a legal team dealing with recent events involving her and the rest of the astro community, which doesn’t look good… — CJ (@WestCoast_CJ) February 12 2021

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However, if you believe in the chart, we can be sure that it can ensure greater success in the future.

“Not famous because that’s a very heavy word, but I always knew I would be successful. It’s funny that my own horoscope is completely focused on finances, and it didn’t make sense to me until now.

“Over time, I will move from day trading to angel investing, but I need to build my capital first.”

Jillian Godsil is an award-winning journalist, broadcaster and author. In 2014, she brought a constitutional challenge in the Irish High Court to change the Irish Electoral Act and is a former European Parliament candidate who advocates for diversity, neighborhood women and homelessness. Forget about technical analysis, charts or market psychology. There’s a new way to predict Bitcoin’s fate that doesn’t involve throwing Bollinger bands or expert cup and handle patterns. The name of this cutting-edge price forecaster? Astrology.

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