What 039 S The Best Thing To Invest In Right Now

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What 039 S The Best Thing To Invest In Right Now – Trending: Investing in Bitcoin / 5 Reasons to Invest in Amazon / Investing in the Metaverse / Juicy Fields Scandal

5 Reasons You Should Invest in Amazon Today Are you thinking about buying Amazon stock and don’t know if it’s a good investment or what the future holds? We will talk about it in this article. In addition, we will explain how you can invest in the e-commerce giant without paying commissions and with all possible guarantees.

What 039 S The Best Thing To Invest In Right Now

Updated article 9/14/2022: The latest market correction has affected the entire stock market, including Amazon shares. We are facing a great opportunity for investors who want to invest in the undisputed leader in e-commerce. In fact, Amazon’s current share price is down to where it was 2 years ago, creating an interesting entry point for long-term investors.

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Since the company’s IPO in 1997 Amazon’s stock has accumulated consistent and reliable profits, which is why many consider the Amazon stock market to be “gold”.

If we had invested $10,000 in Amazon when it went public (buying at least 55 Amazon shares), our investment would have grown by 54,498.9%.

And we’re not just talking about good returns, Amazon has one of the qualities that individual investors or long-term investors look for the most: its growth is reliable, consistent, almost like a Swiss watch.

Amazon’s stock has been on the rise for more than a decade, and it’s still going strong. In recent weeks, stock prices have touched the lower wall of a year-long bull channel, creating an interesting and (perhaps unique) opportunity for investors. | Image via Tradingview.

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And while past performance is no guarantee of future returns, the general consensus in the investment and financial analyst community is that Amazon stock is a great investment today.

Amazon still holds the promise of growth, profitability and stability, if any, that other Nasdaq or S&P 500 assets can offer.

It’s not lost on anyone that investing in Amazon is akin to investing in the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos (although Bezos and Tesla founder Elon Musk have recently disputed that position).

The entrepreneurship of Amazon’s founder and current CEO is undeniable. Bezos is considered by many to be one of the smartest entrepreneurs in human history.

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We remember that Bezos created Amazon in 1994. and in just over 20 years managed to make Amazon the leading company it is today. On his way to becoming one of the richest men in human history.

Bezos is fully vested in the corporation as CEO and owns approximately 1 billion shares (10% of the company’s total), worth approximately $130 billion. Amazon’s founder is actually a major shareholder in Amazon’s stock, which continues to rise.

His desire is exactly the same as anyone who invests in Amazon: to keep making money to make Amazon bigger and more profitable.

In short, investing in Amazon is like investing in one of the smartest and most successful entrepreneurs in history, a man who went from being the world’s richest man to an unknown in 20 years.

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Many people think of Amazon as a large e-commerce marketplace, a simple online e-commerce portal whose business model is product sales and brokerage. Big mistake, Amazon is moving on.

For example, Amazon has one of the most powerful and widely used cloud computing infrastructures in the world: Amazon Web Services (AWS). in 2020 AWS had a 31% market share, which in the second quarter of 2022 increased to 33% in the quarter.

This market share makes AWS the clear leader in the cloud computing industry, ahead of Microsoft (21% market share) and Google (10% market share).

Platforms like Netflix only run on Amazon’s cloud infrastructure. Facebook, Zoom, and LinkedIn are powered by AWS infrastructure. Even NASA has contracted Amazon’s cloud computing infrastructure to use its vast network of computers around the world to perform complex calculations.

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The cloud computing sector is growing 2x every 4 years – roughly – and Amazon is once again dominating the industry globally.

A little known fact is that from 2020 August. AWS customers have access to quantum computing infrastructure, which is the first corporation in the world to offer these services (and ahead of its main competitors in quantum computing, Google and Microsoft).

Quantum computing is a paradigm shift similar to the invention of the printed circuit board. It’s a technology that’s 100 million times faster than traditional computing, and it’s a technology that will change the world as we know it. And yet Amazon is leading the way in bringing quantum computing to governments, security agencies and researchers around the world.

Amazon also has many other companies and subsidiaries, such as TV and movie studios (Amazon Studios), a video-on-demand platform (Amazon Prime Video), and a long list of startups and other affiliates: IMDb, Twitch, Zappos, Ring, Whole Foods Market, Audio, Shop…

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The e-commerce industry is still in its early stages of growth, accounting for 12% of the market (compared to sales). All forecasts point to continued growth in online sales over the next decade.

E-commerce sales in the US have been growing for years, and this growth is expected to be even more impressive in the coming years.

As the chart shows, the online e-commerce sector (dominated by Amazon) is expected to continue to grow at a faster rate than in previous years in the coming years. It is estimated that by 2025 the total amount will reach 1,329.7 billion. USD (1.3 trillion), that is, it will grow by more than 100% in 5 years.

In addition, Amazon dominates the US market with 50% market share. In other words, half of the half rotation shown in the previous chart will go to Amazon if it continues to dominate. In addition, Amazon’s market share is increasing every year, with annual growth of 3.2%.

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Amazon’s dominance of American online retail has been growing for years. It now accounts for 50 percent of all online sales

The Amazon market is currently represented in 58 countries on 5 continents: China, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Singapore, Brazil… Since its birth, Amazon has not stopped geographical expansion, and it is clear that Bezos. He has a very clear plan: to turn Amazon into a global e-commerce platform.

Most of the markets it has opened up in recent years (UAE, Turkey, Australia, India, etc.) are still growing and are expected to grow and expand in the coming years, possibly outpacing Amazon’s transformation. United States.

Amazon has customers in more than 180 countries worldwide and has more than 175 fulfillment centers in 13 regional markets.

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To all of the above, as we mentioned a few points earlier, we have to add Amazon’s willingness to take several promising companies under its wing. All indications are that Bezos will continue to acquire new companies from Amazon’s parent company, many of which are startups with bright futures.

Amazon is currently expanding horizontally through its Amazon Business marketplace, which sells B2B goods to large enterprises such as hospitals, schools and universities.

The pandemic has been very helpful for Amazon. The restriction of going to physical stores and staying at home for a few days has led to online shopping and Amazon. Many users who have never used an e-commerce platform have started doing so.

Shares of Jeff Bezos’ company reflect these new consumer habits and have risen more than 100% during the pandemic. It is worth noting that many people outside the investment world were locked in their homes because of the prison and, seeing that the popularity of Jeff Bezos’ company was growing, decided to invest in Amazon.

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After the pandemic, many of us decided to travel again, shop more in physical stores, spend more on entertainment and travel? Punishment or refunds for certain business models, such as Amazon.

This change in consumer behavior, combined with a significant correction in the US indices (and indeed all global stock markets) and other compelling factors, which we will discuss later, have led Amazon’s stock to return to its true value. . Price.

In the year 2020 At the beginning of the year, Amazon shares experienced a big rally that pushed the stock price out of the uptrend channel through the upper range. Then, already in 2022 and after the euphoria, they’re back in the bull channel they’ve been stuck in for over a decade, at a fairer and more attractive price for anyone looking to invest in Amazon.

From an all-time high, Amazon shares fell -46% to the bottom of a trending channel. From there they took off and continued their journey to the present.

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