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Winter Lifestyle – I admit, I’ve never been a winter person. Beaches, warm clothes, warm weather, cocktails… in general, winter is not my favorite season. Unless, of course, it’s not winter and you can skate on ice or snow.

But I’m Dutch. Dutch winters are not known for being very cold, so this year I was happy with the snow. The main reasons why winter is not my favorite season are because the days are short or the sky is only gray. This year is very difficult for me, because it is the first time in 4 years that I am in Europe in winter. This is how I got used to the feeling of summer.

Winter Lifestyle

However, there is good news! You don’t have to close your eyes and open them again when summer returns. There are many ways to be happy while you are in winter. Here are 10 tips to help you survive the winter:

Comebacks To Your Best Winter Running Excuses

When the weather is dark, the sky is gray and it’s very cold… it can be tempting to stay inside as much as possible. But don’t forget to go outside. If it’s not raining, put on a warm jacket and go for a walk! Maybe it’s on your lunch break, maybe it’s a quick morning run… you’ll feel better afterwards.

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t have summer parties. I started salsa dancing a long time ago and almost every day you can go downtown and go to a party that makes you feel like you’re in a South American summer or a Spanish one. For example, Amsterdam’s Salsa Club Mystique holds numerous salsa parties every Friday night. A cocktail in your hand and Latin music, enjoy now!

With months to go, start looking for inspiration for your next trip. Want to backpack in Thailand or go on a beach holiday in South Africa or the Caribbean? Check what you need and discuss with your friends. Planning ahead has already put you in the right mood. Feeling like you need a quick break? Take a walk around town and go for a long weekend somewhere you’ve never been before. What happens in Berlin for example?

Before you leave the house or whenever you want… grab a bottle of sunscreen (whatever you have at home!) and drink four just from your wrist or neck. The smell of the sunscreen you used while walking on the beach or in town will bring you back to that time and put a smile on your face. It also works with your summer scent.

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It’s always helpful to have a special list of favorites with just one fan. Maybe some songs I heard while traveling, some summer songs from 10 years ago, but also some new songs I just discovered. When I’m feeling sad or tired, music can’t help but wake me up and make me want to dance. Check out one of my Spotify playlists for an example.

I’m sure there are many restaurants that you haven’t been to, or that you went out on the terrace like in the summer. There are many interesting places to visit, especially in winter. The warmth of the environment can help you overcome the fear of going outside in winter. Go ahead, have a hot chocolate (or gluhwein) and relax. Nice place in Amsterdam, for example, Café Brecht.

Yes, winter is the best time to spend more time at home. But you don’t want to go home, watch TV and sleep. Use your time at home! Do you want to learn a new language? Play an instrument? Write a story? This is the best time! Or you can make time for that movie you want to see or that book you’ve wanted to read for years.

Make a list of all the things you like this season and ask your friends what they like. A nice wine in front of the fire? It always works! Or you can take it easy in the winter and enjoy all it has to offer. Go in the snow, try ice skating on the Museumplein, visit the Ice Bar! Don’t forget to make a nice soup when you get home, or a hot chocolate with rum.

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I mean don’t turn on the indoor heater until you leave the house and you’re sweating. What I mean is actively looking for places that make you feel warm and cozy, like a health center! It’s never boring to sit in the warm water outside and breathe in the fresh air. Or go to the 80 degree room and take a walk in the garden. If you can enjoy a great massage while you’re there… even better! If you want to be a little more active, you can try hot yoga!

When everyone is going on summer vacations and spending time outdoors, it’s time to get close. Invite your friends or family, for example, to a nice dinner at your house, followed by a fine wine or a delicious home-cooked meal. It gives you a great excuse to practice your cooking and housework skills too!

But the truth is that there are many other tricks like wearing sunglasses whenever the sun shines, taking enough vitamins and smiling a lot! If you try to ignore winter by turning your thoughts back to summer or actively doing things that are appropriate to do when it’s cold, that’s okay. Enjoy the season and make sure you always have a smile! I recently had the pleasure of working with Dr. Karen captures Denver lifestyle photos for her new health and fitness focused business. This is a sunrise photo and it was a very beautiful morning. It was cold!! But Karen is a champ and we got some amazing photos. This shot was on an inbound route called “NCAR” which can be good for sunrise and the golden hours of the evening. There is a view of the Boulder Mountains as well as a view of the city of Boulder. It’s about 35 minutes from Denver, but worth it for the sights!

Winter photography in the Denver/Boulder area can be beautiful and even when it’s cold, it can be very rewarding! If you are looking for a Denver photographer for the next photo of your life, contact me today and let’s talk!

Hygge (pronounced Hue Ga). If You Haven’t Heard Of It…well, That’s Impossible! You Can’t Go Online These Days Without At Least Seeing The Word Here And There

Lifestyle and personal branding can help you take your digital experience to the next level. Professional photos can give your brand the clean look it needs to stand out in your business. How you present yourself online is often the first time people see how you present yourself, and having high-quality, professional photos will set them apart.

I try to strike a balance between getting those photos that you need for other applications that show your personality and that are fun, honest and professional. These are not my JC Penny photos 🙂

Tim Gillis is a Denver based photographer specializing in photography including personal branding, lifestyle and family photography. Tim is recognized as one of Denver’s top lifestyle photographers and offers family portraits in and around Denver and Breckenridge. Send me a message or use my social media page to schedule your photo shoot!

Denver photographer Tim Gillis specializes in portraits, event photography, family portraits, and advertising and editorial photography in and around Denver, Colorado. Contact Tim today for a 5 star experience! A finalist in Oxford Dictionaries’ Word of the Year 2016 competition, ‘hygge’ is making its way into books and blogs around the world.

Winter Family Pictures In Breckenridge

But here in Scandinavia, it’s not just a slogan, it’s part of the culture that has been cultivated for generations. “Hygge” comes from a Danish word that means “giving courage, comfort, or joy.” Norway and Sweden have their own versions, “koselig” and “mysigt”, an important part of everyday life, especially in the winter months. Since most of the team here is Scandinavian, we asked them (now adults) what that word really means, how others around the world might understand it.

It’s more than comfort – it’s a feeling, an atmosphere, a state of mind. Fire, red wine and blankets. It’s windy outside but inside there’s hot cocoa and board games. Nice lunch with friends. You are watching a good movie alone with your favorite sweets. Walk your dog in cool weather

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