Creators Epic Games Lists The First Nft Based Game On Their Store Blankos Block Party

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Creators Epic Games Lists The First Nft Based Game On Their Store Blankos Block Party – NFT News: The latest news from the world of Non-Fungible Toks includes the famous Fortnite creator Epic Games making the first NFT game Blankos Block Party available in their store.

Not only that, but one user apparently paid a whopping 36.8 ETH in gas to withdraw the first NFT on the proof-of-stake (POS) version of Ethereum.

Creators Epic Games Lists The First Nft Based Game On Their Store Blankos Block Party

Apparently, Epic Games has also added the first NFT game, Mythical Games’ Blankos Block Party, to its store.

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In: #Fortnite creators Epic Games has listed the first NFT-based game on their store, Blankos Block Party. — Watcher.Guru (@WatcherGuru) September 15, 2022

This is Blankos Block Party launched in 2020 by Mythical Games which seems to have gathered more than a million players so far. This multiplayer game focuses on unique digital vinyl collectible toys called Blankos, NFTs that can be bought, upgraded and sold within the game.

As a result, the new NFT-based game is on the Epic Games Store and will be available on September 28. Not only that, but the game does not require users to purchase NFTs to play the game. However, games can be purchased and played without the use of NFTs. Currently, the game is still in the “early access” phase.

With the launch of Blankos Block Party, Epic Games delayed the predictions of the company Web3 Gala Games in June.

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In fact, Gala Games claims that its game GRIT has attracted more than 194 million users on the Epic Games Store, but the game is still in the “upcoming” section of the market.

Although it appears that the GRIT game has become the best blockchain game with NFT on the Epic Games Store, it seems that its expectation is a model for other NFT games in the future.

In this NFT mania, every innovation will be unique. Maybe this is what users think and they decide to pay 36,8 ETH just to buy the first NFT created on the new Ethereum blockchain (proof of stake blockchain).

User pays 36.8 ETH for gas payment for Ethereum’s first PoS NFT token — Blockworks (@Blockworks_) September 15, 2022

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In fact, as we reported, the Ethereum blockchain merger successfully took place on September 15, transforming it from a Proof-of-Work (PoW) blockchain to a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain . now it’s not mining but staking.

The user in question apparently wants to build this change by buying the first PoS NFT and paying only 36.8 ETH, which is equivalent to over $53,800.

After the official announcement a few days ago, the demand for the NFT of the late Queen Elizabeth II exploded within minutes.

In fact, the OpSea market appears to have recorded thousands of new works, such as original photographs and artwork.

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Among many projects, the original project is “QueE DAO”, which aims to celebrate the longevity of Que. The goal from the beginning of the project was to publish a picture of Elizabeth II every day, until her death, a total of 73 works were created.

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Gala Games’ Blockchain Game Grit Will Debut On The Epic Games Store

French VC firm Partech has closed another seed fund dedicated to early-stage tech startups – called Partech… Mythical Games’ first NFT Web3 game “Blankos Block Party” has been listed on Epic Games Market. Coindesk reported on Thursday (September 15).

“Blankos Block Party” is a free-to-play multiplayer game that uses digital vinyl toys called Blankos, which are NFTs that can be bought, upgraded, and sold in-game.

Bloomberg reported on Thursday that Coinbase Global added a scorecard for politicians to its app after lawmakers and regulators expressed anger.

US customers can see crypto sentiment scores for members of Congress and register to vote and learn about town hall events, according to Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong.

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Meanwhile, Bloomberg reported on Thursday that Binance Labs, the venture capital arm of the cryptocurrency exchange, has increased investment in Aptos Labs, a blockchain startup founded by those who worked on the failed Meta stable.

The investment is a result of the programming language the company uses to build its blockchain. The language, called Move, was supposed to power the now banned Diem Meta.

Yi He, co-founder of Binance and head of Binance Labs, said it was an “opportunity to build the future” and cited Move’s efficiency and security as advantages.

Elsewhere, officials from the five largest EU countries have said that the digital euro should keep people’s details private, be environmentally friendly and possibly stay at a minimum threshold, writes Coindesk , which mentions a document leaked to the site.

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The European Central Bank is studying whether to issue a digital currency, with a bill due to expire next year. The document says that the digital euro “can play an important role in strengthening the strategic autonomy of the EU and promoting innovation in the financial sector.”

Meanwhile, Commodity Futures Trading Commission Chairman Rostin Behnam said he has directed the agency to become a regulator of the broader cryptocurrency market, Coindesk reported.

He will tell members of the Senate Agriculture Committee in testimony scheduled for Thursday that market volatility “highlights the urgent need for clear regulation and market protection.”

Subsequently, Bloomberg wrote that ethereum miners will suffer huge losses after the “merger” because they will switch to less valuable cryptocurrencies such as ethereum classic or Ravencoin.

Epic Games Adds The First Nft Game

These tokens still work with proof of work, and Merge has moved away from proof of work. Miners can still use GPUs to earn coins, but since there are more miners, they get less rewards for solving math puzzles.

How consumers pay online with protected information Convenience has prompted some consumers to store their payment information with merchants, while security concerns have deterred other customers. For “How We Pay Digitally: The Release of Stored Data,” a survey of 2,102 US consumers was conducted in partnership with Amazon Web Services to analyze consumer behavior and show how merchants can overcome the resistance.

See more: Binance Labs, Blankos Block Party, CFTC, Coinbase Global, cryptocurrency, Digital Euro, Epic Games, Ethereum, merger, Legendary Games, News, Hot stuff available on Epic Games Market. Launched in 2020 by Mythical Games, the game has over a million players to date. It’s an online NFT creation game that was previously available in beta on its studio’s marketplace, Mythical Platform.

The Epic Games platform is now ready to host more web-based games3. For a while, it seems that the first NFT-based game on the platform that will introduce Fortnite to millions is the western-themed shooter, Gala Games’ Grit. However, the Blankos Block Party game beats it.

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The game has a bright and colorful world where users can interact with unique personal and interactive elements such as characters, accessories, weapons and virtual land that they can buy in the in-game market. The aesthetic of the game takes inspiration from designers or vinyl toy culture and has attracted the attention of many brand and artist partners, such as limited edition NFTs from Burberry, Atari and Deadmau5. However, a unique aspect of the game is that players do not need to purchase or hold NFTs to play.

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