Where Can I Buy Bitcoins With A Credit Card

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Where Can I Buy Bitcoins With A Credit Card – How to buy Bitcoin (BTC) with a credit card? February 2, 2018 · 14:26 UTC | Updated November 18, 2019 · 21:39 UTC Andy Watson · 17 min

As Bitcoin becomes truly mainstream, it is very helpful to understand where and how you can buy this magical token. See below for a detailed analysis of possible ways to do this.

Where Can I Buy Bitcoins With A Credit Card

Bitcoin seems an eternity away, as does the time when it was viewed with distrust and derision by the wider community as the main currency of nefarious dark web markets. Times have changed quickly for Bitcoin, and 2017 was the biggest year in its 8-year history.

How To Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card Or Debit Card

Not only has Bitcoin been able to soar, jumping more than 7 times since the beginning of the year, but the Chinese government has also faced tough challenges this year. removal several months ago. Investors and speculators are flocking to Bitcoin, and behind the massive success of the broader cryptocurrency industry this year is investor excitement to find the next Bitcoin.

With the rapid adoption of Bitcoin, from large investors to everyday people and small businesses (seeing it as a way to get paid better for their services), ways to acquire it have also become more accessible. Gone are the days when you had to work hard to get hold of that precious gem. Popular demand has provided the easiest and fastest ways to buy Bitcoin, with credit/debit card purchases leading the way in this category.

Due to the irreversibility of the transaction, the Bitcoin credit card purchase option is not accepted. Many exchanges and merchants have become increasingly wary of how easy it is for credit card information to be stolen and misused by criminals without the owner’s knowledge. Beneficiaries are often charged a fee when they file a complaint with a financial institution. But that slowly changed as the demand for Bitcoin forced cryptocurrency traders to develop more secure transactions for buying Bitcoin with credit or debit cards.

One of the first exchanges to work on offering a flexible payment method for Bitcoin is CoinMama. This American exchange has always adapted its business to provide easier payment options to its customers. Before accepting credit and debit cards, CoinMama was one of the few exchanges that allowed users to buy Bitcoins via Western Union. Now that they accept credit and debit cards, shopping just got easier

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CoinMama is a solid company with a great track record, making it one of the most reputable places to buy Bitcoins, especially with a debit or credit card.

When it comes to buying Bitcoins with credit cards, CoinMama is somewhat of an expert in the field. Since many Bitcoins can be purchased with these payment methods, their service is more attractive to buyers. Unverified accounts can buy up to $150 in Bitcoin and verified customers can buy up to $20,000 in Bitcoin per month!

No list of ways to buy Bitcoin would be complete without including Coinbase, the world’s largest Bitcoin broker, credit card or otherwise. It is one of the most recognized exchanges in the world with very strict security protocols that have earned it a global reputation.

Coinbase, for example, stores all of its Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in a completely autonomous warehouse that requires employees to physically visit and monitor daily transactions on the platform. Coinbase is particularly popular because it has more countries than any other US exchange. Bitcoin payments are currently accepted in 33 countries, with rumors of more coming soon. A registered buyer can make instant purchases of $150 per week, and after full verification, this increases to $1,000 per week using credit cards.

Exchanges To Instantly Buy Bitcoin And Altcoins With Credit Or Debit Card

For those who are completely new to the cryptocurrency world but still want to buy their first Bitcoin, Coinbase is highly recommended as it is convenient for the customer to make the purchase. Each credit card is charged 3.75%.

If you’re in the Eurozone and looking for one of the easiest ways to buy Bitcoin, Bitpan is probably where you’re looking. This Austrian-based startup offers a wide range of payment options in 2014, including Neteller, Skrill, SEPA and, of course, direct credit or debit cards.

Bitpanda fees are not fixed because the fee determines how much you will be paid. But overall, considering the compensation methods they accept, their payouts are average. Using a credit card costs less than other options like Skrill, as Bitpanda charges around 2 percent for any credit card, compared to 3.77 percent for most other payment methods.

As for the verification process, Bitpanda is innovative and the amount of Bitcoin you are allowed to buy depends on the verification level you choose. The minimum level, which requires your phone number, allows you to buy 50 euros of Bitcoin immediately and a total of 600 euros every month.

Step By Step Guide To Buy Bitcoin With Your Credit Card

For accounts with fully verified government certificates, the user will significantly increase the daily and monthly purchase amount. On a verified account, the credit card can only be used to purchase up to €2,500 worth of Bitcoins every 24 hours and a total of up to €75,000 per month.

The Bitpanda platform is very intuitive and easy to navigate with the most basic knowledge of the cryptocurrency industry. They have generally positive feedback about customer service. For a company that has been around for over three years, Bitpanda certainly seems to have a solid reputation that other companies on the ground can’t match.

It actually started with cloud mining in 2013, but has since become one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, offering easy payment options to its users. As one of the oldest companies in the business, CEX.IO has rich experience and currently has nearly half a million registered users on its platform.

Given that CEX.IO is open to accepting high-risk payment options such as credit cards, CEX.IO takes additional measures to verify the customer’s identity before allowing them to freely trade on the exchange platform. Once a user is verified, transactions are completed quickly, as the recipient usually receives the Bitcoin immediately. Unlike other exchanges like Bitsamp, CEX.IO always holds up its end of the bargain by making the agreed upon Bitcoin transaction. For example, if a buyer wants to buy 3 Bitcoins for Bitcoin for say $500 and has a profit to pay, he will get it at the end of the trade regardless of market volatility.

How To Buy Bitcoin With A Credit Or Debit Card

It also has one of the most generous offers for any exchange. An unverified account can buy Bitcoin up to $500 per day and up to $2,000 per month. Verified accounts can trade up to $100,000 per month with a daily trading volume of $10,000. If you want unlimited processing power, I have a Verified plus or a business account.

On the other hand, one of the biggest pain points for CEX.IO users is its costs and transaction fees. Sometimes CEX.IO takes 7% of your total payout as processing fees. So, if you were to buy $1000 of Bitcoin, you would end up with $930.

It is one of the first exchanges registered in Luxembourg to enter the cryptocurrency business. Because Bitsamp serves globally, it is very popular among Bitcoin buyers who are limited to other large companies due to their location. Bitsamp has a solid reputation in the cryptocurrency exchange community for having more experience with market behavior than most.

Since they accept customers from all countries, Bitsamp registration and verification requires extra patience from the user. It takes too long to verify accounts to allow a large number of transactions, and the overall user interface can be overwhelming

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