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Disclaimer For Digitech Community – Digitech has long had a reputation as a quality brand when it comes to multi-effects units, and that reputation is rarely unfounded.

The RP360XP is a mid-range model, and is a fantastic piece of kit. The amount of features packed into this little box is crazy! Seriously, if they put these wings, I hope they can fly!

Disclaimer For Digitech Community

It will be difficult to cover everything the RP360XP has to offer, but I will do my best to highlight the main parts, components, construction, tone and playability.

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Apart from the specifications of this multi-functional device, we can see that the device is made of metal body.

Equal products, and in between. The materials and craftsmanship required for a metal case will be greater than for a plastic one.

Looks good. Specs control anything in this price range. Let’s find out more about what happened.

Metal crews will provide weapons to local bar divers. I wouldn’t say it would be particularly good for anyone in the coverage group, because it has a variety of sounds to cover across the board.

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It also works for effect-seeking guitarists who like the functionality and cost-saving aspects of a box like the RP360XP, rather than starting a collection of individual boxes, amps and cabinets.

I write a lot about metal cases. What’s wrong with you? This is an important part of the build and the main selling point for the unit. This separates the furniture from the toys.

The pedals are also solid metal, a feature carried over to the lower Element models. The buttons for filtering the effect parameters are finished in polished black chrome for a business-like look.

The back panel is usually predictable: stick Plugins for input and output; input to resources; Additional mini-jack plug-in line to connect backup tracks via MP3 player, phone or tablet; mini-jack plug output for headphones; And USB output – more later.

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But one thing that stands out on the back panel is the “control” feature. what is this Yes, if the RP360XP does not have foot-oriented controls, this allows you to add a trackpad or a pedal unit.

The detail has a solid construction aimed at guitarists who need a variety of sounds at their fingertips, but not bogged down with too many pedals.

I want a well-weighted set, and the RP360XP is just that. Even without input, there was a balance that kept him calm.

Without a doubt, the RP360XP is designed to be a solid and essential part of your rig. It may not be bulletproof, but it sure is durable.

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Unlike some cheaper, plastic multi-effects processors aimed at beginners, this one goes beyond the bedroom. You don’t have to be a little heavy, whether you put a dramatic stamp on one of the sidewalks or walk seriously for wacho solo.

Button placement and general pedal placement are good. Nothing inappropriate or awkward.

For the amount packed into this small box, it seems to punch above the weight. Look at the list of features, it is twice as big as some units. With this ad, Digitech is taking a “small but mighty” approach.

Of course, the most compactly built kit is worthless without sounding good. Let’s see how they do.

Digitech Image Gallery

This is the most interesting part of looking at guitar gear. But there’s so much going on, it’s hard to know where to start!

Digitech has divided the RP360XPinto effects into seven different categories, from distortion to modulation and more. The LCD screen will show you what you are doing when using an effect or amp.

In terms of inspiration behind the tone offered, is the usual suspect in the parade. The distortion category includes T9 and TS808 tube screamers, Big Muff and Pro Corat-based models, while CE-2 Boss-based Chorus models are available.

Depending on the amps and cabs, there are models based on Marshall, Vaux, Fender and Mesa bogies. A solid selection based on the best amps around. If you’re going to do it, you might as well do it right, I guess.

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The camera comes with 99 factory presets to which you can add the elements of your choice. There are 99 specific locations of your own.

Emulation is harmless. Of course, it is a digital recreation that will not have the charm and warmth of the original analog, but they are amazing.

One of the things that makes multi-effects pedals so interesting is playability, and playability has to do with how much sonic adventure you can squeeze into a single box.

I mentioned the USB connection in this review. Let’s take a look at this. It has several functions.

Digitalization & Technology

First, it allows the RP360XP to function as an audio interface. You can connect the device to a PC or Mac to record directly to a digital audio workstation (DAW). This is probably the best use when choosing a boutique amp.

Second, it can be used to create a predetermined patch on a desktop or laptop. DIgiTech has a very small piece of software for Windows and Mac called Nexus – not to be confused with Google’s product of the same name. If you don’t feel like making a patch above the pedal, on a small screen, this is a useful alternative.

Having said that, the RP360XP has a few tricks up its sleeve. It comes with a built-in recording time of 40 seconds and also comes with 60 drum machine samples.

The classically inspired effect isn’t terrible, but it’s far from the warmth of the original

Digitech Rp360xp: One Of The Top Multi Effects Pedals Out There

The market is flooded with multi-effect units. If you like the ballpark of the RP360XP, but haven’t quite won you over, here are some others you might want to consider.

Line 6 is very legendary in many effects. A range of dedicated pedals for certain classes of effects, such as the DL4 with various delay emulators, is always well received.

Although they look better than the M5. This is not a bad thing. It is packed with 100 effects. The main difference with the M5 is that it’s all about the stomp box – no amps or cabs modeled here. (site link)

Although there is a connection for these devices on the inner panel, there is no built-in express pedal. It also has a MIDI connection if you’re into that sort of thing.

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BOSS GT-1 with blue lantern looks like Star Trek, so always cool. If you haven’t come across Boss pedals yet, their most notable feature is that they are built like tanks. Seriously, you can throw it at a drummer’s head and it will be fine.

Interestingly, BOSS is worried about battery life on this one. It can be powered by four AA batteries, which given the amount of work I can imagine will last up to half of four.

It comes with 108 effects, 99 presets and 99 user patches, a 32 second cycle time and more that you can download for free.

I am very impressed with DigiTech’s offerings. It’s easy to get a little sloppy on a small pedal, but the RP360XPmost holds its own.

Digitech Freqout Pedal Demo

Between the build quality and the range of tones available, intermediate guitarists who can’t be bothered with too many pedals should be satisfied with the sound they produce.

Purists mock, but realistically, if you have been playing for a few years, know the chords and solos, and have done a few gigs in bars or parties, the audience will be more interested in the song than the sound of the guitar. , much more than the original Tube Screamer.

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It has more effects on the range, and you can control three at once from the switch.

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They seem pretty cool, but strangely I never see any reviews mention it

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