Best Time To See The Fall Colors In New England

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Best Time To See The Fall Colors In New England – Fall colors in the San Juan Mountains along Colorado Highway 145 near Rico as the first snow falls on the summit. (Jim Mimaga/Newspaper)

It’s officially fall, and the warm Colorado air brings winter days, pumpkin spice, and holiday favorites.

Best Time To See The Fall Colors In New England

With the anticipation of fall comes the beauty of the city’s stunning fall foliage. Time is of the essence when it comes to hunting for the best fall foliage, and this year may be different than last year.

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For the past few years, trees have been showing fall colors from early to mid-October around Pagosa Springs, Purgatory and Dolores, beginning in mid-September in the San Juan Mountains near Silverton.

This year, however, humidity has increased over the last few weeks, affecting the color and length of fall leaves.

The increased humidity reduces the stress on the wood, creating a longer lasting and brighter color. Water reduces the number of plants and brown fall leaves.

This year, fall colors are expected to last from early to mid-November, about a month longer than usual on the Western Slope.

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Vibrant fall colors and fresh snow on the Rico Mountains make for a beautiful view from the Horse Creek Trail in the Dolores Valley. (Jim Mimiaga/Newspaper)

More water collects on aspen leaves after recent rains in the San Juan Mountains. Jerry McBride/Durango Herald

“Typically, fall color starts with golden yellow quaking aspen and upper elevations and narrowleaf cottonwoods and cool ground in late August,” said forester Matt Tuten in the San Juan Forest Fall Color Story. “But aspens, which bloom in fall and make up 20% of Colorado’s forest, are typically at their peak in late September to early October, which is usually a few weeks later than plants in many other states.”

Beginning with the October 5 forest update, fall hunters can expect good color from Coal Bank to Molas Pass to Silverton. High and low post-high colors also came from Silvertone, over Red Mountain Pass and into Ore.

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Readers have some time to see fall in areas from Durango to Purgatory, Mancos, Dolores to Telluride, Pagosa Springs, and La Plata Canyon. Autumn colors have changed dramatically in these areas since October 5.

“The next month or two is looking very exciting for the state of Colorado in terms of leaf color,” said Colorado State Forest Service entomologist Dan West. “I think we’re going to have a good year compared to last year.”

With the recent rains, we can expect beautiful red and purple leaves, West said. A sunny day followed by a cool night is the perfect combination of weather to create these beautiful colors. Since this is a recent phenomenon, unless there is a drastic change in weather or an early snowfall, these colors are on the radar in some parts.

To follow the fall forecast, visit the San Juan National Forest Fall Color Report at

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San Juan Mountain Visitor Information Specialist Priscilla Sherman said the aspen trees near Silverton have been at their peak for about two weeks. He said Red Mountain Pass is also at its peak foliage, while Lizard Head Pass and areas near Colorado Highway 145 are still green.

“It’s important to keep your distance and not disturb their peaceful sanctuary, especially with moose because it can be dangerous,” he said.

“Anywhere there’s wetlands with willow trees, you can find wildlife these days,” Sherman said. “But we warn people that they are not good and they will charge you.”

For those who want to take a back road to see the foliage, Sherman advises checking weather conditions at visitor centers in Silverton and Ore. He said the recent heavy rains highlight the importance of knowing the forecast in the mountains so you don’t get caught in the snow or caught off guard by sudden changes in conditions.

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And the rifle hunting season starts in October. 15, also recommends that visitors be aware of their surroundings while in the field.

The San Juan National Forest publishes a fall report that provides information on changes in green cover in various areas around the forest. To access the report, visit The peak of fall usually occurs between mid-September and mid-October in Colorado, but it can vary from season to season as it depends on the temperature. But it’s worth the effort to see the colors in beautiful Colorado. This western state is home to the largest aspen population in the United States. For an unforgettable visual treat, see the long line of shimmering gold in the Colorado mountains as the aspens turn bright amber.

You can experience up to five different climate zones within a two-hour drive of Denver. This means that Denver and its surrounding areas have the longest fall season of any city in the United States.

Colorado’s most popular hiking destination, Rocky Mountain National Park, is about 75 miles (120 km) northwest of Denver. During the third and fourth week of September, the scenery of the park completely changes to golden color. The best fall drive in the park is Bear Lake Road, which connects Upper Beaver Meadows with Bear Lake. This 23-mi (36-km) trail offers spectacular views and access to hiking trails, campgrounds, picnic areas, and the Moraine Park Discovery Area. Some of the most popular fall hiking trails in the area include Alberta Falls, Bear Lake, and the Wild Basin Trail.

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Where to Stay You can spend the night at Glacier Basin Campground or Sprague Lake Campground. Lodging at Rocky Mountain Resort is also available.

Estes Park serves as the base for Rocky Mountain National Park in northern Colorado. Trail Ridge Road is one of the most scenic hiking trails in the park. The road is part of US Highway 34 that runs from Estes Park through Rocky Mountain National Park to Grand Lake. Beaver Meadow is also known as the National Scenic Byway. Trail Ridge Road has spectacular views throughout September with colors from green to yellow and gold.

Another beautiful fall drive is the Peak to Peak Highway, which runs south to Mount Evans. How to combine the beauty of autumn leaves with the mating of giant moose in Estes Park? Morning and dawn are the best times to listen to stress. This special contact call is irresistible and sounds like a round of applause!

Where to Stay There are several options for lodging in Estes Park, such as the YMCA of the Rockies or Fall River Village Resort. Book ahead as magazines are very popular with tourists.

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Guanella Pass is just over an hour from Denver. Along the way, the aspen leaves turn a beautiful yellow, making this a Colorado fall destination. The pass rises to 11,670 feet (3,557 m) and overlooks Bierstadt and Mount Evans in the distance.

The towns of Crested Butte and Aspen are known for their dazzling fall displays. These mountain resorts are surrounded by beautiful shades of yellow and bright gold.

Take a scenic drive over Kebler Pass, a beautiful mountain pass between Crested Butte and Paonia. The road runs west from Crested Butte to Highway 133, near the mining town of Somerset. The road is open for traffic from about mid-June to mid-October.

On your way from Crested Butte to Aspen, stop at Crystal Mill, an unusual site made all the more charming when surrounded by golden aspens. The Crystal Mill Trail runs along the sparkling Crystal River through the mountains of the White River National Forest. Spend some time walking the Crystal Mill Trail, an 8-mile (13-km) trail that’s only open from late May to late November.

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Where to Stay Crystal Mill has some accommodation available. Crested Butte and Aspen have many hotels ranging from luxury to budget.

The beautiful San Juan Mountains in southwest Colorado will delight any birder with their spectacular views. Last Dollar Road is the first drive of October. The color changes from red to yellow. Be sure to stop and enjoy the spectacular views of the Schnaefells Mountains and Wilson Peak.

Where to Stay Telluride has many bed and breakfasts and beautiful mountain resorts. There are also some campgrounds like Telluride Town Park Campground and Little Molas Lake Campground where you’ll wake up to amazing views!

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