How Do I Setup My Android Phone For The First Time

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How Do I Setup My Android Phone For The First Time – I recently came across an interesting article on The Startup by Megan Holstein titled “What My Minimalist Phone Looks Like”, and thought I’d add to that by showing what the Android version will look like.

I started looking into this about 2 months ago, when I noticed that I was using my phone more than usual because I was stuck inside all the time, to the point where I had to charge my phone twice as often. day. I’ve noticed that the problem with my phone is that I’ve set it up so that the gap between wanting to check Instagram (for example) and actually taking action is too small. Then I realized that I had to lower my phone settings to reduce usage.

How Do I Setup My Android Phone For The First Time

For starters, Android is way ahead of iOS when it comes to customization, so it’s generally easier to block certain apps and icons to stay focused.

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For my custom setup, I used Block’s new ratio trigger. I talked about it here, but to give a quick overview – this is Bloc’s cool new launcher with minimalism and purposeful use of the phone, just what I was looking for.

From left to right) 1- My widget page (called Root in Block) 2- My app drawer 3- One of the expanded folders

As you can see above, Ratio mode is designed with minimalism in mind. It has a clean, minimalistic, uncluttered look, and all my apps are sorted into different categories, with the ones I use for productivity and essentials in the “important” section.

This is the app that helps me the most throughout the day not only to connect with others, but also to be more productive and do more of the things that are important to me.

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Other apps on my device are hidden in other folders, and I often don’t go into folders, simply because the home screen is cluttered, which means (accidentally) that the launcher forces me to use some apps less. However, when I need an app, I can use the search bar at the bottom to quickly find the app.

Something interesting that this launcher (Ratio Block) does is that it shows how much I’m using the app on each app icon. What this does is that every time I click on the app icon, it counts down the minutes right in my face (on the icon) and it makes me wonder if I really need it to access the app at that moment.

Speaking of app icons, I also went into the launcher settings and hid some of the icons from all the drawers, making them harder to access (I can still search for them).

The good thing about Block Ratio is that it has some clean and integrated options for home screen widgets. Specifically, the widgets I use (from top to bottom) are the weather widget, the timing widget, and the quick notes widget. Unfortunately, since Block Ratio is still in early development, 95% of the good third-party widgets we know and love with Android don’t work, but hopefully we’ll see that with the Block Ratio update.

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I chose these three particular tools based on the fact that they bring me the most value every day.

One of the main reasons we reach for our phones and waste time is notifications – maybe you get a DM, then keep wasting time on Instagram for half an hour.

So, to fix this, I turned off notifications in almost every app with a few notable exceptions, which were the phone app, messages, system notifications, and various playback notifications.

What I’ve found is that the number of times I check my phone for notifications has dropped dramatically because a) I don’t have any notifications patting me on the back and b) I’m aware that notifications are turned off, which means I don’t have to constantly check my phone.

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In terms of notifications, one of the app categories that gets the most notifications is social media apps. Because of this, I deleted some apps (the Twitter app) and turned off notifications for other apps that I need every day (Instagram). In doing this, I found some benefits that I did not expect.

For example, I only used Twitter for the purpose of this post (you can find it here ) and after deleting it on my phone and only using it on my laptop, I quickly realized this, as weird as it sounds. more productive on Twitter in terms of message distribution. Also, Twitter on desktop is generally a better experience in my opinion.

As for disabled notification apps, I approach them in bulk like Tim Ferriss used for email in The 4 Hour Workweek (good read) where I spread out blocks of time throughout the day working on messages. This allows me to group messages for the day instead of constantly checking my phone.

I’ve used the Digital Wellbeing feature on Android 9 and up and it’s really useful for setting time limits on apps. Now with my minimalist setup, I don’t use apps very often, which means I don’t need borders, but for someone starting to let go of their phone, I can easily see why borders can help.

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One thing I did that most people probably don’t want to do is keep all their entertainment apps on the phone. As Megan Holstein says in her article,

“[One step] was to get rid of all the distracting mobile games and replace them with educational mobile games like Duolingo and Brilliant.”

As for me personally, I’ve found that I have enough self-control to keep my entertainment apps on my phone and use them sparingly, like the occasional TV show on Netflix. However, we can see how this might not work well for other people, which is why we advise you to remove your own entertainment apps – and if you do, you can use the extra space to have educational apps or some other form of entertainment that will provide you with value. .

The custom launcher I used for this setup (Ratio Block) has the ability to grayscale apps to my liking. That means they can use grayscale apps like Instagram, which are designed to be “infinity pools” as Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky call them in the book “Make Time.” By giving this app a gray rating, it’s a trigger that makes me think about why I use my phone at the right times and generally helps me avoid unnecessary use.

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Overall, I’ve found that de-cluttering my phone and setting it up in the ways I’ve mentioned has made me more mindful in using my phone, which means not only that I use it less, but that every time I use it brings me value or joy.

This setup is constantly evolving, but I think I’m generally in a much better position with my phone usage than I was a few months ago.

My minimalist phone setup took a while to achieve this and I’m sure there is still a lot that can be improved. But for now, it’s helping me be more intentional about my life. We hope this has given you some inspiration on what to do with your own phone look and how to dress up your phone.

Disclaimer: All links to Amazon or other products are not affiliate links; No one is sponsoring me to talk about the software or any of the books I may have mentioned.

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Credit to Megan Holstein for the inspiration for this version of the article which can be found here.

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This article was co-authored by Luigi Oppido and staff writer Nicole Levine, MFA. Luigi Oppido is the owner and operator of Pleasure Point Computers in Santa Cruz, California. Luigi has over 25 years of experience in general computer repairs, data recovery, virus removal and upgrades. He is also the host of the Computer Man Show! aired on KSQD covering Central California for over two years.

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