Wellness Training For Medical Professionals

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In the fall of 2019, my hospital announced that it was looking for doctors who might want to conduct intensive training as a certified training course. Working with patients using education, I jumped at the chance. Their experience is almost universal: many of them have achieved impossible goals, such as losing the weight they talk about every year – and without success – a new year’s resolution. Most of the doctors I know who are also teachers seem to be able to combine different skill sets in a way that expands their ability to connect with their patients and respond to their needs on a deeper level.

Wellness Training For Medical Professionals

Just as a sports coach can help an athlete develop and improve his game, a coach and strength coach can help anyone succeed in life, as even if – or especially – if they have chronic diseases. Teaching is similar to speaking in that it involves two people discussing ideas and questions, but the difference is that the teacher is in the chair. the driver, creating their own goals and plans to achieve those goals.

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People often hire coaches to help them with many problems, such as losing weight, reducing stress, managing stress, improving diet and exercise, quitting smoking, addictions drugs, and dealing with life-changing things like heart transplants. What a teacher does and what a life coach does overlap, but the career of a life coach is broader and includes the terms work, management, and professional work. .

The main method used by coaches is prompting questions, in which the coach presents open-ended questions with the goal of helping their clients reveal the reasons for their change. Instead of a doctor saying, “You need to lose weight,” a coach might ask, “How would your life be different if you lost the weight you’re trying to lose?” This idea, which has been proven to work. in many research studies, people who change for their own reasons, in their own words, are often more successful than someone who tells them what to do – not motivated and able to create resistance to change.

Motivational questions have also entered the medical profession, with great success. From the great strength I gained during my studies, I now bring it to my interactions with patients, try to listen to what they say and put them to work as much as possible. finding solutions to various problems that arise. Patients seem to really appreciate this, and although I haven’t done any research, this method seems to be successful in terms of my relationship with patients and my results.

While traditional philosophy focuses on what is “wrong” with people and what needs to be “corrected,” management philosophy focuses on what is possible, what is possible. , and it will work. Good for you. This means, instead of dealing with the problems you have to think about, the teacher will work with you to use your strengths to improve your behavior.

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Good training for people dealing with different situations. According to a recent study, training “produces clinical improvement in several risk biomarkers (including systolic and high blood pressure, total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides, fasting glucose, body weight, body composition, waist circumference, and cardiovascular health) in different people.” The study also helped to improve the quality of life and reduce the number of hospital admissions for patients with COPD. It is not surprising that some medical offices are providing it, some insurance companies are paying, and private companies are beginning to provide training to their employees to reduce the cost of care. .

Teaching is a new profession, and it is an unregulated industry, so you do not need a certificate to work as a teacher. There is no clear definition of what the teacher is, which adds to the confusion. In other words, anyone can be independent and call themselves “masters.” However, there are many programs to train and support teachers, both in person and online. Among the most famous and respected are: National Association of Trainers, American Council on Exercise, Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, Duke Integrative Medicine and Wellcoaches School of Coaching (where I received my training). It is highly recommended that you choose a certified trainer, to ensure that they have the training and experience.

The time and cost of training varies greatly. Some people do short courses – even one class – for a specific problem, such as accepting a job, while others can commit to training for months or years, for things like control of weight, diabetes, stress or high blood pressure. . . The price varies depending on the skill and experience of the teacher. As mentioned before, some workers and health plans can be included, since there is a lot of evidence, for example, learning things like weight loss can thus reducing maintenance costs. It’s important to note that students take privacy seriously and have a professional demeanor, but HIPAA protections are not the same as when you visit a doctor’s office.

Training appears to be more effective when conducted over the phone or the Internet compared to face-to-face training. This offers a lot of flexibility, because the training can be given in person, over the phone or by video.

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The instructor’s resume should be available for you to review, so see if their interests and experience match the issues you want to address. Teachers enter the field from a variety of backgrounds, and it can be beneficial to choose a teacher with experience in a specific field or field, although most teaching professionals come from work. different. Word of mouth is often a good way to find a coach, or you can call your insurance company and if it’s a covered benefit, they may have coaches they can recommend.

Unlike fads that come and go, schools have strong evidence to support their effectiveness for improvement and success. Being a teacher is incredibly rewarding because it’s rare in life to promote happiness, build resilience, save people money, and help people live longer and happier lives. life together.

Dr. Peter Grinspoon is a primary care physician, educator and cannabis specialist at Massachusetts General Hospital; faculty at Harvard Medical School; and a certified health coach. He is the author of the book See… See full biography

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