What Cryptocurrency Should I Buy Right Now

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What Cryptocurrency Should I Buy Right Now – Disclaimer: Industry Talk is an overview of crypto industry players and is not part of the site’s editorial team.

The current bear market means one thing – certain crypto assets can be bought at a deep discount. Even major tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum have since fallen more than 75% from their previous highs, offering an attractive entry price.

What Cryptocurrency Should I Buy Right Now

This beginner’s guide aims to rate and review the best crypto stocks you can buy now for maximum leverage.

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Our list of the best cryptos to buy right now ranges from pre-traded assets and low-market altcoins to large caps:

The above projects have been identified based on in-depth market research based on various factors – such as their high potential, current market capitalization and valuation against previous long-term highs.

Many of the cryptos mentioned in this article can be used by an investor to build a diversified portfolio of cryptos before the next bull run.

Building a diversified portfolio of many different cryptoassets is probably the best way to weather the current bear market and make money in cryptocurrencies in 2023.

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With this in mind, we will now go through the 19 best cryptocurrencies to buy right now – so that investors can make an informed decision to get rich with cryptocurrencies.

Meta Masters Guild is overall the best cryptocurrency to buy in 2023 because it is the world’s first dedicated mobile gaming platform and early investors get huge early returns.

This project just launched its first stage sale and is offering MEMAG tokens for only $0.007 and is the best new crypto you can buy, raising $50,000 in 24 hours.

However, in the seventh and final phase, the price of MEMAG increased by 228% to $0.023 – before the token entered the exchange.

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Meta Masters Guild also wants to develop a sustainable and viable game project in the long term, rather than subjecting itself to constant sales pressure like other top games.

The project’s white paper focuses on “fun comes first” and describes itself as a play-and-win rather than a play-and-win project, prioritizing quality and replayability over branding.

To achieve this goal, the MEMAG token is not used to receive the rewards – instead, another token, Treasures, exists only on the platform and off-chain and is used to receive the rewards and is converted to MEMAG.

Meta Masters Guild focuses on providing fun and playable mobile games, rather than AAA-rated games that are expensive and time-consuming to develop – and invites other game studios to develop games on its platform and integrate into the ecosystem. MEMG and values.

Best Cryptocurrency To Buy During The Bear Market

This project, from the doxxed and KYC certified team, has strong tokens with a maximum supply of only 1 billion, with 35% of tokens allocated for presale and another 15% for exchange and liquidity testing.

Presale tokens have no buy-in period and a cap of $4.97 million. The KYC team has been verified by CoinSniper and the MEMAG token smart contract has been fully tested by SolidProof.

The remaining 50% of the tokens will be allocated to ecosystem development (15%), storage (10%), market platform (15%) and team (10%) and will receive 36-36. . 48 months.

The next best crypto to buy right now is FGHT, the token of the recently launched crypto-presale project FightOut, which is pushing the monetization space into the future with its unique app and programs that aspire to grow real-world gyms.

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FightOut is one of the best long-term cryptos and has secured over $2.78 million in investment since launch, with buyers flocking to secure their tokens.

It is now available in the first phase of the presale for $0.0166. Early investors can also receive 50% more tokens as a bonus, depending on how much they buy and how long they choose to lock in the tokens.

In addition, when the first phase of the pre-sale ends (target $5 million), the price of FGHT tokens will increase every second to a maximum of $0.0333, which is a 100% increase from the current price.

While previous monetization apps only focused on step counting and require expensive NFTs to run, FightOut has developed a complete fitness app that helps improve a user’s overall fitness.

Best Crypto To Invest In The Bear Market

FightOut uses smart technology to measure movement and track key exercise metrics, feed an algorithm that measures fitness, and tailor unique training methods to each user.

Additionally, rather than focusing solely on strength and cardio, FightOut offers a comprehensive approach to training regimens that also improve well-being and mental strength, and users can add other important metrics such as sleep and nutrition to to improve the accuracy of the algorithm.

In the app, users take the form of a fully customizable NFT avatar that binds the soul – meaning it cannot be bought or sold – and represents their digital worth. Users can earn rewards by comparing their NFT with others or participate in daily, weekly and monthly challenges to earn more rewards.

FGHT supports the ecosystem and helps develop the real-world aspects of the project, while another token, REPS, serves as the in-app currency. Users earn REPS by completing workouts and participating in challenges and contests, and can redeem them for clothing, workout gear and clothing, as well as monthly membership discounts or access to personal training sessions.

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One of the most exciting aspects of FightOut is its plans to build real gyms in key locations around the world that incorporate Web3 features – such as NFT mirrorless glasses and motion tracking sensors.

The project is already testing locations, while FightOut is already in talks with several prominent coaches and trainers from around the world of boxing, MMA and pro wrestling to act as ambassadors – not only to help sell the project, but also to produce. master class style content in the app.

British boxing star Savannah Marshall – who fought Claressa Sheilds in the most watched women’s fight of all time – joined the project with UFC couples Amanda Ribas and Taila Santos (both top 10 in their weight class) and American ninja warrior Tremayne . Dortch.

In the first phase only, 30% of the 10 billion FGHT offering will be sold during the pre-sale period, in addition to the 15% bonus fund and 5% of the reserved liquidity on the exchange.

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The remaining 50% of the tokens will be used to finance the development of the project and will be awarded for five years.

The Doxxed team includes a CEO who runs a boxing gym and senior developers with experience in sports apps, who have already revealed that 70% of the money raised will be used for the acquisition and maintenance of the site, 18% for marketing and partnerships and 12% for product development.

Join the FightOut Telegram group for the latest news and announcements or read the full book to learn more.

C+Charge developed the CCHG native token to serve as a payment method for electric vehicle (EV) owners to charge their vehicles and incentivize them by offering carbon rewards.

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This not only simplifies the payment system, but democratizes carbon credits, as they are given as a reward to drivers after their cars are charged, taking them out of the hands of big companies.

Drivers must have CCHG tokens to claim rewards – the best time to buy them is now as they are on pre-sale, tokens are offered for $0.013 in phase 1. Those who buy in the first phase of CCHG will own the asset , which increased in value by 80% at the end of the presale, and the fourth and final stage offers tokens at $0.0235.

A crypto whale has already seen the potential of the project and spent over $100,000 in a phase 1 presale transaction.

C+Charge has offered 40% of all pre-sale tokens and buyers will have to get the tokens when they are listed on the exchange, so now is the best time to buy CCHG tokens.

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C+Charge represents just 8% of the exchange’s total 1 billion token supply. This is one of the reasons why it is better to buy tokens now.

Electric vehicle drivers also use the C+Charge app to find nearby active charging stations and use it as a way to pay for vehicle charging and track the tokens and carbon credits they receive as a reward after each loading.

Carbon credits are permits that allow the owner to emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere with a credit equal to one ton of carbon dioxide.

C+Charge has a strong and certified KYC team and is already partnered with Perfect Solutions Turkey, meaning they control 20% of charging stations in that country, and Flowcarbon offers carbon credits.

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Flowcarbon has raised $70 million by mid-2022, and the project is backed by major venture firms such as a16z and Invesco, which offer 1:1 carbon-backed Goodness Nature Tokens (GNTs).

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