Contoh Simple Past Tense Positive Negative Interrogative

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Contoh Simple Past Tense Positive Negative Interrogative – Speaking in English, of course, the first thing that comes to our mind is grammar. Since English is our second language, yes we need to understand grammar, vocabulary, correct use of tenses and many other things. Most people usually only use the verb “to use” in English which is equivalent to “to use” in Indonesian, such as in the sentence “I use a bowl to wash the floor” which means “I use a bag to wash. It is floor “to understand” However, if the verb is done in the past (tense past), we just have to change the verb and say: “I used the pot to wash the floor” (I used the pot to wash the floor yesterday) The word “use” (another form of the root word “use”) to show actions other than yesterday (yesterday), last week ( last week) or now (now). It is used when it happens. So, what about the use of ?

Well, the use of the word “used” refers to an event or fact in the past that did not happen in the present. To make it easier to remember, we can remember “use” as the “first” word in Indonesian. Example sentences: He used to play tennis, but he didn’t anymore. In its usage, ‘use’ itself can vary depending on the type of sentence.

Contoh Simple Past Tense Positive Negative Interrogative

So, how do you use “using” in affirmative (affirmative) sentences, interrogative sentences and negative sentences? Below is an explanation and will be accompanied by example sentences.

Contoh Kalimat Simple Past Tense (positif, Negatif & Tanya)

Use is for past tense only. We cannot use “to use…” to describe practices in the present tense. Use the form to express the present tense

So, after knowing the rules for using “used” in different sentences, here are some things we should know:

“Implementation” indicates that the idea has become a practice, but it is not implemented. To show that something used to be repeated many times, but no longer exists. Therefore, this means that the event in question is over at this time (an old practice that we don’t do now).

The word “Use” can also be used to talk about past facts or generalities that are no longer true, meaning that past facts were true but those facts are no longer relevant in the present situation. Therefore, it means that currently these facts are not correct or the truth is not accepted.

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Both the simple past and the “used” can also express past habits, past generalities, and past facts. However, the word “use” is often used when referring to the future state of the verb in constructive sentences. On the other hand, the simple past is often used when asking questions or making negative sentences. And if the simple past tense is used to express past habits but in the opposite way (opposite expression), then the word “used” will be “used” even though the meaning has passed. . This is the reason for the use of the auxiliary ‘do’ before the word ‘use’.

It is best not to use “used” in a question or negative form. However, it is occasionally used in questions or in an incorrect English manner. It is better to ask questions and make negative sentences using the simple past tense.

In the above words, how is your friend? Surely you already have a little idea about the use of words in English sentences. I hope this article is useful for all my friends. Learning English may seem difficult at first, but if there’s a will, there’s a way. The most important thing is how much time we study. If you want to practice your English skills quickly and need more advice to improve your English needs, come for a free consultation with WA SUN English 081-211-86 82 83.

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