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Gaya Hidup Amerika – One of the habits of Americans is to order fast food via drive-thru and eat it in the car. /Screenshot/Instagram @prettypuri17

KABAR BANTEN – Fast food or ‘fast food’ has long been a way of life for Americans.

Gaya Hidup Amerika

America is one of the countries with the highest consumption of ‘fast food’ and there is not a single fast food place that is empty.

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In an uploaded video, @prettypuri17 explains the habits of Americans who prefer fast food or ‘junk food’ as their menu.

According to him, while living in America, fast food restaurants had no visitors, especially by car.

In his @prettypuri17 video, he wrote “Fast food is never empty” while showing one of the fast food places in America.

@prettypuri17 wrote, “The habit of Americans is to buy fast food while driving, eat in the car, forget about frying. Drinking large coca cola (soda cola)” @prettypuri17. ***

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Lyrics of Aiya Susanti, popular in the online world, social networks, TikTok and followed by internet users. Have you ever thought about becoming a citizen of a different country or being born in a different society? Perhaps many of you have often thought about what it is like, for example, to be a citizen of a developed country or to be born a citizen of the United States.

You can’t really choose where and who you’re born with. Maybe you were tired of life in Indonesia and wanted to escape to another more developed country and start a new life.

But it’s also possible that the country you think is higher is not better than Indonesia! If you were born an American male, here are some pictures.

Tirai Amerika Serikat Chicago Pemandangan Malam Real Eksterior Terkenal Tempat Wisata Gaya Hidup Ruang Tamu Kamar Tidur Tirai Jendela|tirai|

This is of course unfortunate. Because religion should guide people in their lives on earth. But yes, that’s what happens if you go to school in America. Just as there is no religious education there, you cannot even get into the habit of praying before the classes start.

For Americans, religion is a personal matter for everyone. This is the responsibility of religious leaders as well as one’s own parents and is not a government issue. If you think Christmas is a party, you are wrong. There’s more to a Christmas celebration than just cheering up the atmosphere.

Not all Americans are Christian or Catholic. Many follow Islam, Judaism, or even other religions and beliefs you’ve never heard of before. And there are many people who do not believe in God!

You can see it yourself in Hollywood movies. Almost all schools, from kindergarten to high school, do not require students to wear school uniforms.

Amazon, Google, Ini Perusahaan Teknologi Terbesar Di Amerika Serikat

However, this does not mean that they can freely wear whatever they want. There are still rules to follow, such as not wearing boxers or tops. You might think you want to go to the beach!

This freedom is not fully exercised by all American schools, as some public or religious schools require their students to wear uniforms.

If you’re in Indonesia, you can wait until you go to college first, then go to school in free clothes.

Have you ever heard or read the word TGIF? TGIF stands for Thank God It’s Friday. Because you don’t have to go to school the next Saturday, students often celebrate Saturday night with a party at a friend’s house.

Semakin Kaya Orang Amerika, Semakin Sederhana Hidup Mereka

Surprisingly, this behavior is no longer alien to American parents. If you want to see how their parties are, you can watch Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night video or Easy A with Emma Stone.

HE IS! From June to the beginning of September you will have your summer vacation or Summer vacation. Before this holiday season arrives, America’s youth will be mindfully exercising and eating to have a summer body that will later flaunt in the heat of summer.

Then many will run to the beach in bikinis and dirty their way. However, those who spend their time attending summer camps, doing internships and even working part-time are not few.

Let’s face it, you want the prom at your school too, right? Prom is a kind of dance party that schools hold the night after final exams. It’s not just the dance, but usually in this event the election of the school’s king and queen takes place.

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All American teenagers will agree that a bubble is a once-in-a-lifetime event. At this event, you can dress up after your tuxedo and enjoy the music on the dance floor.

Singles are often at a disadvantage because they have no one to advertise to. Although you can bring a classmate, a friend from the same institution, a neighbor, a friend from another school or even a relative!

For those of you who can’t get a prom date, prepare to be bullied and called a loser! Those who do not dare to preach alone will stay at home rather than come and suffer hardship.

The virgin concerned refers not only to girls but also to boys. It’s really great, isn’t it? Back then in Indonesia non-virgin teens would gossip, instead it has become the norm in America. If you’re still a virgin or college-aged virgin, you’ll be considered weird, stupid, old-fashioned, and lost.

Gaya Hidup Pelajar Internasional Di New York

But how is it that some believe that losing virginity or sex should only happen after the vows have been taken? Of course, the person who has these principles is a very strong person!

You may even have to kiss your own friend while playing truth or dare. If you are really dating, it will be considered more prudent.

And you won’t be surprised to see many couples kissing or kissing in the corners of the school or even in the classroom because that’s how they show their love.

Spring Break is the annual tradition of free and wild parties on America’s largest beach. You can see an example of the spring break atmosphere in the movie Spring Breakers starring Selena Gomez.

Amerika Dan Nato Itu Pengecut

There you’ll find thousands of people doing nasty things together, from wearing gym clothes to getting naked, touching each other like kissing, drinking alcohol, having sex in public, and getting into drug addiction!

Many modern Americans believe that marriage is a way to legitimize sex and force them into long-term commitments. Since they’ve had sex before marriage since they were little, then why should they get married?

Many children in America live for years with parents who are not legally married, but only in a relationship. For example, you can see the relationship between Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott or Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s ex-girlfriend.

What if they leave? Of course, in order for the child to invite him to live together, his parents must get used to the presence of his new partner. Isn’t it sad?

Ribfest Halal Pertama Di Amerika Utara Hadir Di Toronto Musim Panas Ini

What? Do you still want to be born an American child? Especially in big cities like Jakarta, you may be starting to feel that some of these are starting to make their way into Indonesia.

But do not forget your duty as a generation of the nation to preserve, perpetuate and practice Pancasila, the best customs and traditions used in Indonesia!

The IDN Times Community is a medium that provides a writing platform. All works written are entirely the responsibility of the author. It is the dream of many people to live in a big city in the dream world of one million people in the United States. Admiration for all the luxuries and lifestyles of the big cities in America has become an attraction for people who don’t live in cities. From the grandeur of the buildings to the festive city lights, it is the main attraction of the city. It is not surprising that after finishing college in small towns or rural areas, many people want to move to the big cities to find work and start a new life.

But living in a big city is not easy. It costs more than living in other cities or even rural areas. However, the brilliance of the city does not weaken one’s determination to come and try one’s luck in the big city. What? Want to know how much it costs to live in major cities in the United States? Check out the reviews below.

Tak Cuma Berpesta, Ini 12 Foto Aktivitas Para Cowok Amerika Tahun 1940 An

Who does not know the city of New York, the big city called the Big Apple is in the United States. Its charm always attracts many tourists to visit and some of them want to stay there. However, to live in a big city like New York you would have to spend $1,638 to $3,895. Converted to Rupiahs, this becomes IDR 22 – IDR 54 million per month (1 USD = IDR 14,000). Isn’t that great?

Los Angeles is also the largest city in the United States. Renting a place to live alone here costs $900 per month. This is equivalent to 12 million IDR per month. Considering that renting just one guesthouse in Jakarta costs only IDR 1-4 million per month, this is a good figure. Transportation and fuel costs are also expensive in Los Angeles,

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